2.1. Job description

- Planning and performing periodical internal audit work at the parent company and member units. Check and review accounting and financial documents and data of financial statements, management accounting reports.

- Monitor and supervise the implementation of the requirements and proposals of the internal audit after the periodic audits and reports.

- Participating in the development of internal audit processes and regulations, business operation data, financial statements as a basis for risk management and data analysis.

- Check the compliance with the provisions of the law, the internal regulations, processes and procedures in the activities of the enterprise;

- Identify loopholes, risks and propose measures to correct and overcome errors and violations in order to perfect and improve the safety and operational efficiency of the enterprise.

- Perform other duties as requested by the Board of Directors.

2.2. Request

- Qualification: Graduated from University/Master's Degree majoring in Corporate Finance, Accounting - Auditing, Business Administration, Construction Investment Management... or related majors.

- Foreign language: English (Good reading and translation).

- Informatics: Fluently use office informatics, know how to apply technology to serve the job.

- Experience: Having worked for 5 years or more in the training discipline or 3 years or more as an auditor, accountant or inspector.

- Age: From 25 to 35 years old, have good health to meet job requirements. Men are preferred.

- Having general knowledge and understanding of the law and business activities; have the ability to collect, analyze, evaluate and synthesize information; Knowledge and skills in internal audit.

- Has not been disciplined at warning level or higher due to violations in economic, financial, accounting management or is not in the time of being disciplined.