a) Requirements:

- Gender: Male/Female

- Level:

+ Graduated from university or higher, majoring in general accounting.

+ Computer skills: Fluently use office computer, Internet and software programs on accounting and statistics.

+ Foreign languages: Have a normal level of communication in English.

- Age: not more than 35 years old, have good health to meet job requirements.

- Appearance: Has a good-looking appearance.

- Experience: At least 3 years working in the required field or graduated with good grade or higher for fresh graduates.

b) Main job:

- Develop annual financial plan, capital mobilization plan (short-term / long-term);

- Gathering records, making consolidated financial statements of the system periodically (quarterly, annually);

- Carrying out the inspection, making general reports (quarterly, annually);

- Analyze accounting reports, analyze quarterly/annual economic activities of the whole Corporation;

- Store and manage work records.