a) Requirements:

- Gender: Male, female

- Level:

+ Graduated from university or above, majoring in Chinese and English.

+ Informatics: Proficient in the use of office computers and the Internet.

+ Foreign language expertise: Fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Capable of negotiating and signing with foreign partners, looking for orders for the Center.

- Age: not more than 30 years old, have good health to meet the job requirements.

- Look good

- Experience: At least 3 years of working in the field of translation, interpreting or graduating from a university with good grades or higher for fresh graduates.

b) Main job description:

- Translating contracts and documents related to labor export work.

- Interpreting for the Board of Directors when going on a business trip or dealing with foreign partners.

- Updating and drafting documents related to labor export work.

- Contact, deal with foreign partners to find orders, manage workers working abroad.

- Arrange, manage documents, do paperwork, exit documents for employees.

- Support other tasks when required.