"Beneficiaries" - one of the important new points of the XIII Congress Document

"Beneficiaries" is one of the important new points of the XIII Congress Document in the overall motto "people know, people discuss, people do, people check, people supervise, beneficiaries".

12/08/2021 17:00

"Beneficiaries" is one of the important new points of the XIII Congress Document in the overall motto "people know, people discuss, people do, people check, people supervise, beneficiaries".


The XIII Congress of the Party is the most important political event of the Party and of our people in 2021.

Taking the people as the root is a traditional lesson for thousands of years of building and retaining water of the Vietnamese people. Inheriting and developing the quintessence of national culture and humanity, Ho Chi Minh always pays attention to the importance of taking the people as the root in the revolutionary leadership process. He once emphasized: "All lines, mottos, policies ... of the Party is only aimed at improving the life of the people in general"(1). He has also laid the foundation of the  ideology for the motto "people know, people discuss, people do, people check" that our Party always thoroughly, applies and develops more and more deeply.

Gaining experience from the practice of 35 years of innovation, The document of the 13th National Congress of the Party has added an important and extremely meaningful new content, which is "Beneficiaries", with the motto "people know, people discuss, people do, people check, people supervise, people beneficiary"(2).


The concept of "beneficiaries" shows a practical interest in people's lives, that is, people have the right to enjoy the fruits of development. At the same time, when people are enjoyed, satisfied with legitimate interests, it will form a strong motivation to motivate people to enthusiastically contribute and contribute more to the development of society. The case-proofing relationship between beneficiaries and dedication if done properly will create a new impulse in the development of the country. From there, complete and realize one more step of the thought to promote the people's mastery, for the warm and happy life of the people

When it comes to beneficiaries, it is emphasizing the realization of "yes and yes" content. At the same time, emphasizing inclusion, to the majority of people, all classes, all classes have equal opportunities in terms of enjoying the fruits of development; not just some social groups or more dominant classes. Moreover, when it comes to beneficiaries, it is not merely that the Party wants to aim for deep and inclusive meaning, but it is about satisfying the legitimate and diverse interests in the society of the people, to make benefits become the motivation for development. This is the development in the party's perception, which is the motivation to complete the Party's guidelines and guidelines in the development process and leadership of the country.

Since its establishment, all the disciplines have been aimed at national liberation, people's liberation and class liberation. From the first, second and third disciplines, the congress documents all set the people as goals to strive for. In his speech at the 30th anniversary of the Party's founding (February 3, 1930 – February 3, 1960), President Ho Chi Minh stated,"OurParty is great, for in addition to the interestsof the class, of the people,of the nation, our Party has no other interests"(3). In  the Will,he said, "We mustkeep our Party clean, be worthy to be the leader, the loyal servant of the people"(4).

At the 6th Congress (December 1986), the Party made the point: "The people know, the people discuss, the people do, the people check, it is the daily background of the new society, to show their state-governing labor people's regime"(5). The VIII Congress of the Party has set out the tasks that need to be formulated specific mechanismsin implementing the motto "people know, people discuss, people do, people check" for major policies and policies of the Party and the State; well implement the mechanism of mastery of the people through elected agencies, direct mastery in the form of self-governance,  ensuring democracy in the process of decision-making and implementation of decisions.

The country's construction in the period of over-the-top socialism (supplementation and development in 2011) continues to emphasize: "The revolutionary cause is of the people, by the people, for the people", "Our State is the Socialist State of the people, by the people, for the people". The Resolution of the 12th National Congress of the Party emphasized: "Continue to promote social democracy, ensuring all state power belongs to the people. All guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the State come from the wishes, legitimate rights and interests of the people, which are consulted by the people"(6). The xii congress document also affirmed: "Therole of the people has been promoted in ensuring the actual, complete and widespread implementation of the people's mastery under the motto: "People know, people discuss, people do, people check and supervise""(7).

It can be seen that ensuring the development of socialist democracy in our country is not only affirmed in the Party's guidelines and guidelines but also is institutions and ensures the implementation of the Constitution and the legal system of the State. Right in Article 1 of the 1946 Constitution - the first Constitution of our country directly directed by President Ho Chi Minh, affirmed: "... All rights in the country are those of the entire Vietnamese people, i.not to distinguish between breeds, girls, boys, rich and poor, class and religion". The 2013 Constitution continues to affirm that "The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is owned by the people, all state power belongs to the people, which is the foundation of the alliance between the working class and the peasant class and intellectuals" (Rule 2), "The State guarantees and promotes the people's mastery; recognize, respect, protect and ensure human rights and citizenship" (Article 3)...


In recent years, the awareness of democracy and the practice of democracy of all levels of committees, authorities, Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations, cadres, party members and all classes of people have changed positively. The inspection and supervision are led and directed by the party organization to achieve important results. Implementing administrative reforms, especially administrative procedure reforms with remarkable efforts and creativity. The work of dialogue, reception of citizens, processing of complaints and denunciations and legitimate and legitimate proposals and aspirations of people and enterprises is paid more attention and attention. The spirit and attitude of serving the people, the public-duty ethics of the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees have made great progress. The People's Inspection Board, the Investment Supervision Board of the community, the reconciliation group at the establishments in many places operate quite effectively, promoting the direct democracy of the people in the residential area.

At the establishment, people have actively discussed, participated in opinions, realed their mastery, expressed their opinions.... creating an atmosphere of excitement, encouraging people's classes to promote emulation movements, contributing to bringing the country through difficulties, winning great achievements in socio-economic development, improving and improving people's lives; ensuring national defense and security; build a clean and strong Party, government and political system; create consensus in society, strengthen the great solidarity of the whole people, strengthen the close relationship between the Party and the State with the people; enhancing our country's position in the international arena.


The assurance of the development of socialist democracy in our country is not only affirmed in the Party's guidelines and guidelines but also is institutions and ensures its implementation through the Constitution and legal system of the State.

In addition to the results achieved, in comparison with the objective needs of the country's development, the practice of democracy in Vietnam still has limitations and disadvantages, both in the awareness, practice, promoting democracy and social supervision and criticism; not explaining and clarifying in time many problems raised by practice, not well solving the relationship between democracy and discipline and discipline; not properly valued the development of forms of direct democracy.

The work of propagating and thoroughly propagating the Party's guidelines, policies and laws of the State on the implementation of democracy regulations in some localities, agencies and units has not been timely and practical; many places are also formal, delayed. The mechanism for publicity of relevant contents in many localities and establishments is incomplete. The development of roles and responsibilities of the people to participate in the table and decide on local issues, supervise and comment on the construction of the Party and government in some places is still lacking in essence. The implementation of democracy regulations in various types of enterprises, especially state-level enterprises and civil zones, is still limited and entangled; at times, there are places where there are still violations of democracy, causing frustration, lawsuits against large crowds, over-level. It is not timely to grasp the situation and handle violations of the people's mastery. The number of citizen complaints and denunciations sent to functional agencies is still high; the settlement of complaints and denunciations has not been as desired; has not overcome the situation of the government in many places that have not had dialogue with citizens ...

From the above limitations and disadvantages, it can be said that the development of democracy in many places is still formal. Accordingly, the process of implementing the motto "people know, people discuss, people do, people check" also faced many difficulties and problems.

When the reality of democracy is flawed, imperfect and incomplete, it will be a major barrier to the development of the country. It is also a waste of enderthal resources - it is impossible to expand opportunities to mobilize thoroughly and effectively resources, first of all the wisdom of the whole Party, the entire people involved in the development. The limitations of democracy also make the power to protect the Fatherland, especially the mental and cultural strength inevitable to be scattered and wasted.

The main reason for the limitations and inadequateness is still the lack of adequately inhibiting the views, guidelines and mottos of the Party, not maximizing the people's mastery in all "corners" of life, leading to the understanding and implementation of not yet agreed.

The Resolution of the XIII Congress added, in particular, one more step of ideology to serve the people in the party's guidelines. "Beneficiary" is the development of the chairman, the views of the Party, which is practical and important. General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized: "... in all affairs of the Party and the State, it is necessary to always thoroughly understand the view of "the people are the root";truly trust, respect and promotethe people's mastery, persistently implement the motto "people know, people discuss, people do, people check, people supervise, people beneficiary". The people are the center, the subject of the work of innovation, construction and defense of the Fatherland"(8). Accordingly, building and promoting human resources is an important motivation, a living factor, decisive for the construction and development of the country in the coming period. In other words, the people enjoy the fruits of the development process not only as a goal but also as a motivation to arouse the strength and resources of the people in the process of bringing the Party's policy into life. That is also an important motivation to realize the orientation and vision in the new period is the desire to bring the country to prosperous and happy development.


In order to "Continue to define and perfect the democratic practice institutions in the spirit of the National Construction In the period of excessive socio-ism (supplementation and development in 2011) and the Constitution in 2013, ensuring all state power belongs to the people. Proper implementation, direct democratic efficiency, representative democracy, especially representative democracy, especially democracy at the base. To well and effectively implement the motto "People know, people discuss, people do, people check, people supervise, beneficiaries"(9),ensuring that people are entitled, itis necessary to pay attention to the following factors and conditions:

Firstly, in order for the Party's views and "people to supervise and beneficiaries" to be implemented to win in practice, it is necessary to make great determination from the perception to the actions of the whole political system. Awareness must be unified from top to bottom, especially for the basis.

The motto "beneficiaries" only becomes a reality when the relationship between the people and the government becomes a transparent public service, not "ask - give" or "give". Accordingly, it is necessary to provide guidance and assign tasks to the committees and government groups at all levels; create favorable conditions for organizations and legal associations to coordinate closely and operate smoothly. The people's committees at the local level shall advise party committees of ministries interested in reviewing, thoroughly and strictly implementing contents related to promoting the people's mastery, implementing democracy regulations, promoting the motto "beneficiaries".

Secondly, "all policies and policies must truly come fromthe life, aspirations, rightsand legitimate interests of the people, taking the happiness and warmth of the people as the goal of striving"(10). The implementation of social justice must closely link economic policies with social policies, economic development with improving the quality of life for people, ensuring people enjoy better and better the fruits of the cause of innovation and building socialism. It is necessary to continue to improve the law on social policy, social security, social welfare, create legal corridors to create a model of social security system with basic pillars (prevention, mitigation and risk remediation).

Thirdly, there must be specific sanctions to ensure the conditions for the implementation of "supervised people, beneficiaries". Accordingly, if you do not do or do wrong, you must be held accountable. Even if it causes difficulties for the role of supervision and interests of the people, affecting the legitimate interests and interests of the people, they must be handled with responsibility and satisfactory compensation. Only then can the sanctions be overcome not strong enough, not enough deterrence; leading to the right path, good policy but "distorted, distorted" when put into practice.

It is necessary to promote the mastery of the people associated with the responsibility. Encourage and raise awareness for people, create conditions to promote listening, exchanging and dialogue. Strengthening the mechanism of complaints and denunciations for efficiency. Arbitration is required to protect people's rights when affected.

Fourthly, fostering, educating, strengthening, promoting capacity, modern thinking and attitudes for the people to serve, dedicate and dedicate of civil servants and public employees in the public administration. Cadres and civil servants must truly pray, value the opinions and reflections of the people as well as be close, understand the people's concerns, aspirations and pressing for dialogue, reception, feedback, quick, timely and effective handling. "Beneficiaries" must be started from "respecting the people, close to the people,believe the people, learn the people, rely on the people and be responsible to the people"(11) of the contingent of civil servants and public employees.

The year is , continues to promote the quality of lean, professional, effective arrangement of the administrative apparatus, public administration, in which focuses: "Building and perfecting the State of the socialist lawclean, strong, lean,effective and effective operation, for the people to serve and for the development of the country"(12). Continue to innovate policy mechanisms, enhance allocation and decentralizity; boldly granting autonomy to localities and establishments, emphasizing the responsibility and promoting creativity of the head. Ensuring close inspection and supervision on the basis of "Strengthening publicity, transparency, accountability,control of power associated with tightening discipline and discipline in the state's activities, and of cadres, civil servants and public employees"(13) so that all people enjoy fairness and equality.